DevOps Consultancy

On a Mission to Simplifying Your Business Complexities

Upgrading technology to manage operations and reduce complexities

Get your complicated tasks managed without a hassle

Our expert DevOps consultancy service assists organizations to align their development and operation processes. We restructure and automate their tasks with the help of cloud-native technologies, integrated Agile coding, building, testing and deploying software development.

We help businesses achieve a fast, reliable and adaptable system that can be updated to the increasing needs of the market. The results are reduced complexity, manageable workloads and smooth delivery.

Our team comprises of global software vendors, who help companies achieve the top place in the market. SmartBizSol’s DevOps automation and consultancy will ensure you the fastest way to get your complicated tasks managed without a hassle. Our team employs Agile practices to make sure there is no compromise on quality and all the deadlines are met on time.

We provide upgrades when you are in need of additional DevOps engineers to help you with DevOps tools, methodologies, and ongoing maintenance.

Our expert data scientists will examine your current IT and application lifecycle capabilities. And provide an alternative system to automate development and operations according to your company’s needs.

We use a developing strategy to implement and integrate cloud-native technologies suitable for your DevOps transformation. After which, we automate existing workloads in a new environment.

We then move on to the managing process. Post the completion of DevOps transformation, we continue to provide ongoing cloud operations management and automation support for new technologies and workloads.

Our expert team is skilled in all types of DevOps including the following:

  • Feature planning and releasing
  • Continuous Integration & Deployment
  • Configuration Management
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Cloud Scaling (AWS, DigitalOcean, Rackspace, Windows Azure)
  • Linux Systems Administration
  • System Documentation

Regardless of the age of your business and experience in automated operations, we will be accommodating you with the best solutions. Our wide range of expertise are available for taking your business to the sky.


Our Process


An assessment of your business’ current IT capabilities is done through a thorough examination. Then, we do an application lifecycle maturity audit and design a customized DevOps roadmap to give suitable solutions.

Monitor performance

We check for the operational visibility of your DevOps transformation and establish automated monitoring and reporting to measure the performance and check the functionality.

Suitable technology

Our team helps you make the best choice among types of automation and cloud-native technologies to meet the needs of your DevOps roadmap and strategy.

Assisting operations

After we have successfully executed DevOps, our software experts get connected to your team and help in managing your automated operations, improving delivery, productivity and safety.

Development & testing

We ensure a smooth and secure process to operate in the advanced DevOps and cloud tools you picked in your customized strategy.

Future support

We help stay a part of our customer’s journey by being your integrated technology partner and helping you stay ahead in the game with our expert assistance and wide range of cloud automation.